The European Association of Hospital Managers (EAHM) has been founded in 1970 under French law. It is the umbrella association for 28 leading hospital management associations in 25 European countries representing over 16,000 individual members. The EAHM serves explicitly and exclusively the public interest. It does not pursue any political, economical nor confessional goals.

The EAHM is one of the world's largest hospital management associations. It represents both the hospital managers of public and private hospitals in the European Union and at international level.

Targeting at the construction of a social Europe, the EAHM elaborates proposals regarding the hospital sector to the European authorities.

The EAHM is also an interlocutor for the health care industry.


The EAHM is a working group of hospital managers and senior hospital employees in European countries that are organised either in representative national associations or in groups of hospital managers affiliated to the EAHM. The mission of the EAHM is:

  1. to promote the professional competence and responsibility of managers and senior employees in hospital and public health management in the European countries;

  2. to foster the growing together of the hospital systems of the European countries as the basis for the construction of a Social Europe.

  3. to seek to influence European Union legislation affecting the hospital sector;

  4. to collectively represent the hospital management profession and its interests in the competent European organisations and international bodies.